One Less Bitter Actor: The Actor's Survival Guide

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Dezember 2007



An invaluable reference for anyone who is a working actor, or wants to be. Learn how to make it in the day-to-day business of acting and stay sane and focused while attempting to merge art and commerce. This book covers everything the author wishes someone had told him about how casting decisions are made, what rejection really means, how to behave on a set, the two factors the business is built on, and much more.


There are scores of books designed to offer new actors a little tea and sympathy, along with some tricks of the trade; One Less Bitter Actor: The Actor s Survival Guide by Markus Flanagan is the best book on the current market, essential reading for students and professionals alike. An experienced film, TV, and stage actor, and acting teacher in L.A., Flanagan provides invaluable and dead-on info and insights on headshots, resumes, reels, agents, managers, casting directors, and auditions. There s an especially thorough procedural about working on a film set, personal career anecdotes, and powerful advice and inspiration. A chapter on NY vs. LA makes fun reading, but I think will actually make a lot of young actors prematurely pack up for some California dreaming! Over the years I ve seen a goodly number of NYC-trained actors head straight for Hollywood after school and fall off the career tracks, not because of lack of talent or drive but inexperience and no representation, the town s permanent vacation atmosphere or just life itself (marriage, kids, steady employment outside the business). I always advise new actors to stay in New York after training, do as much theatre and as many indie films (feature or short) as possible in this capital of indie moviemaking, build up a reel, contacts, representation, then start doing the LA thing if they haven t been noticed already. Examples of this route include some of the workingest actors in show biz Adrian Brody, Tom Hanks, Mira Sorvino, Amanda Peet, John Leguizamo, Zach Braff, Michael Imperioli, Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, Denis Leary to name just a handful. Regardless of what path a new actor chooses, Flanagan s book will save them blood, sweat and tears, and serve them knowledge and encouragement in their artistic and/or commercial quest. --National Board of Review
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