Intellectual Disabilities: A Systemic Approach

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Juli 2006



The application of systemic ideas and principles in working with people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and their service systems has grown over the last decade. This book, for the first time, brings together the writings of a group of practitioners who have been using this approach in their clinical practice. They hope to inspire others to try different ways of working with people with intellectual disabilities and their wider systems, so that they can have the choice of a wide range of therapeutic approaches. It is also hoped that systemic practitioners who are unfamiliar with this client group might consider extending their practice to work also with people with intellectual disabilities.The Contributors: Sandra Baum, Denise Cardone, Jennifer Clegg, Glenda Fredman, Sabrina Halliday, Amanda Hilton, Susan King, Henrik Lynggaard, Helen Pote, Selma Rikberg Smyly, Lorna Robbins, Katrina Scior, and Sarah Walden.


Sandra Baum is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Newham Primary Care NHS Trust. She has a post-graduate certificate in systems approaches to families and organisations from the Tavistock Centre. Her clinical work and research interests focus on using systemic approaches with families and staff teams, and on improving services for parents with intellectual disabilities. Henrik Lynggaard is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with Camden and Islington Mental Health NHS Trust in London and is currently completing his systemic psychotherapy training at KCC. He was born and brought up in Denmark but has trained and worked mainly in the UK, where he has developed a strong interest in adapting systemic and narrative approaches in his conversations with people with intellectual disabilities.
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