Feeling, Being, and the Sense of Self: A New Perspective on Identity, Affect, and Narcissistic Disorders

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Mai 2007



Provides an account of the nature and functioning of the non-verbal self, rooted in nature of affect and functioning of an 'affective appraisal mechanism', located in brainstem and right hemisphere of brain. This book draws on theory of narcissism.


ContentsINTRODUCTIONPART I CHAPTER ONE The clinical pictureCHAPTER TWO IdentityCHAPTER THREE AffectCHAPTER FOUR Klein and Bion: projective identificationand the paranoid-schizoid positionCHAPTER FIVE TechniqueCHAPTER SIX Jung, the self, and spiritual experiencePART II: PERSONALITY TYPESCHAPTER SEVEN Narcissism and narcissistic personality typesCHAPTER EIGHT The borderline personalityCHAPTER NINE The hysteric personalityCHAPTER TEN The schizoid personalityREFERENCES INDEX<br /


Marcus West is a Jungian analyst and professional member of the Society of Analytical Psychology; he works in private practice in Sussex, England. He has published papers, taught and given talks on a range of subjects including attachment theory, narcissism, envy, identity and dreams. He was joint winner of the Michael Fordham Prize [2004] for his paper 'Identity, Narcissism and the Emotional Core' and gave the Society of Analytical Psychology Annual Lecture in 2008. He has been Book Reviews Editor and is now a member of the Editorial Board of the 'Journal of Analytical Psychology'.
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