Supervising and Leading Teams in Ils

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Running a library takes teamwork and here is the guidance you need to get your team in shape. Moving beyond management theories to practical, proven applications, Allan helps supervisors motivate groups, communicate confidently, delegate and monitor employees, assess progress, provide feedback, manage difficult situation, offer training and development, and earn support and respect as a leader. With illustrative examples and scenarios from every area of library and information management, this is a useful management resource for anyone leading a team.


1. The role of team leaders in ILS 2. Leading and managing the team 3. Confident leadership and supervision 4. Motivation 5. Managing the work 6. Communication skills 7. Managing and leading complex teams 8. Human resource management 9. Workplace learning and training 10. Personal and professional development


Professor Barbara Allan is Dean of Westminster Business School. Her background includes managing workplace and academic libraries. She has spent many years working in business schools where her focus is on enhancing learning, teaching and the student experience, and the internationalization agenda. She was awarded a National teaching Fellowship in 2008 from the Higher Education Academy. Barbara is the author of several Facet Publishing titles including: Project Management (2004), Blended Learning (2007) and The No-nonsense Guide to Training in Libraries (2013).


"...a superior resource...This is a considered and practical work. Its content is presented in effective and appealing ways." - Australian Library Journal
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