Vocation and Social Context

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Juli 2007



Illustrating the different ways in which Weber's category of "Beruf" can be interpreted, and how it can be studied from various perspectives and with different methods, this book demonstrates how "vocation" continues to be a fertile concept for contemporary sociology.


Preface William H. Swatos, Jr. Introduction Giuseppe Giordan
1. Vocation Andrew J. Weigert and Anthony J. Blasi
2. Italian Youth and Ideas of Vocation Franco Garelli
3. Vocation as a Personal Choice Luigi Berzano
4. Vocation versus Vocational Status in the Lives of Current and Former Vowed American Catholic Religious Anthony J. Blasi
5. Vocation and Vocational "Crisis": A Study of Italian Former Priests Giuseppe Giordan
6. Civic Engagement and Church Policy in the Making of Religious Vocations: Cross-National Variation in the Evolution of Priestly Ordinations Robert M. Fishman and Keely Jones
7. Women, Religious Agency and the Politics of Vocation Laura M. Leming
8. Seminarians and Vocation Giovanni Dal PiazRDAN_f1_i-viii.indd5/2007 4:15:01 PM
9. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Life: Vocation as a Social Movement Robert C. Butler


Giuseppe Giordan, Ph.D. (2002) in Social Sciences, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome), is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Valle d'Aosta, Italy. His main works include Valori e cambiamento sociale: definizioni operative e modello esplicativo (Values and Social Change: Working Definitions and Explanatory Models), Dall'uno al molteplice. Dispositivi di legittimazione nell'epoca del pluralismo (From One to Many: Systems of Legitimation in the Age of Pluralism).


Social scientists, religious educators, and those in related disciplines who are interested in vocational or professional developmental issues, epecially persons with responsibility for nurturing religious vocations in the Catholic Church.
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