Studying Psychology

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August 2007



Studying Psychology is designed to provide students with skills and strategies for writing essays, undertaking psychological research and using statistics in psychology. This second edition contains a number of new extended sections including updating research, extending research methods and statistics methods.


Foreword.- Preface.- Learning the Language of Psychology.- Studying Psychology in Ways to Maximise your Learning Style.- Writing Psychology Assessments and Examination Answers.- Conducting and Understanding Psychological Research.- Using Statistics in Psychology.- What Can I do With a Psychology Degree.- Appendices.- References.- Index.


ANDREW STEVENSON is Access Co-ordinator and Tutor in Social Sciences at Aquinas College, Stockport, Cheshire, UK. He has taught psychology for over ten years at GCSE, Advanced, and Access levels, and also teaches Study Skills to learners of all ages in schools, colleges, and corporate settings.


'The accessible style of the previous edition remains and is carried through consistently to the new material. The informal and conversation tone brings a confident and confidence-inspiring sense of manageability to what is in reality a nebulous discipline.' - Matt Adam, University of Brighton, UK
'I will be recommending this book to students. It provides an easy, informative and entertaining resource for students. The style will encourage students to persist with the content and interact with the material.' - Stan King, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
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