Ask Me Now: Conversations on Jazz and Literature

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September 2007



Ask Me Now explores the relationship between the language of music andthe music of language with 20 conversations on jazz and literature. Writer, editor, and saxophonist Sascha Feinstein gathers a variety of artists, poets, musicians, fiction writers, essayists, playwrights, and record producers for discussions on theelusive but engaging relationships between jazz andliterature.
Featured artists include central figures of the BlackArts Movement such as Amiri Baraka, Jayne Cortez, Haki R. Madhubuti, and SoniaSanchez as well as distinguished music critics Gary Giddins, Dan Morgenstern, andEugene B. Redmond. Winners of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry Yusef Komunyakaa andPhilip Levine, outstanding jazz musicians Bill Crow and Fred Hersch, and severalwriters who cross literary genres: Hayden Carruth, Cornelius Eady, David Jauss, William Matthews, Lee Meitzen Grue, John Sinclair, and Al Young all contribute theirthoughts to the book.


Introduction 1. Better You Say It First / Amiri Baraka; 2. Those Upward Leaps / Hayden Carruth; 3. Returning to Go Someplace Else / Jayne Cortez; 4. Just a Matter of Time / Bill Crow; 5. Did Your Mama Hear Those Poems? / Cornelius Eady; 6. Legwork / Gary Giddins; 7. The House as Open Ground / Lee Meitzen Grue; 8. Respiration and Inspiration / Fred Hersch; 9. Stolen Moments / David Jauss; 10. Survival Masks / Yusef Komunyakaa; 11. Detroit Jazz in the Late Forties and Early Fifties / Philip Levine; 12. Where the Call Needs to Be Heard / Haki R. Madhubuti; 13. Mingus at the Showplace / William Matthews; 14. Consideration / Dan Morgenstern; 15. The Greatest Equalizer in the World / Hank O'Neal; 16. Levels of the Blues / Eugene B. Redmond; 17. Cante Jondo / Sonia Sanchez; 18. Ask Me Now / John Sinclair; 19. Makes Me Feel Like I Got Some Money / Al Young; 20. Something to Believe In / Paul Zimmer


Sascha Feinstein is Professor of English at Lycoming College, where he co-directs the Creative Writing Program and edits Brilliant Corners: A Journal of Jazz & Literature. He is author of Jazz Poetry: From the 1920s to the Present (IUP, 1991) and has won the Hayden Carruth Award for his poetry collection, Misterioso. He lives in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


"This is the most interesting, in-depth, valuable, and various account of the connection between jazz and literature ever put into print." Ed Pavlic, Director, Program in Creative Writing, University of Georgia & author of Labors lost left unfinished "The interviewees cover a wide range from jazz-aware poets to literature-aware jazzers...many of the litterateurs not only have genuine enthusiasm for the music but seem to know an awful lot about it...Feinstein's agenda is all about proving that poets have a right to draw on jazz for inspiration." Brian Priestley, Jazzwise, August 2008 "Ask Me Now is an excellent and engaging collection. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to learn more about jazz, about writing, and about the connections between writing and music." oPopular Music and Society, Volume 32, Issue 5, 2009
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