Promoting Health for Working Women

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Based on European health initiatives on reducing workplace risks and promoting workplace health, this book focuses on issues that predominantly or exclusively affect women, or have gender-specific implications due to workplace inequalities. Among the topics covered: occupational hazards, work/life balance issues, pregnancy, smoking cessation, alcohol awareness, diet/exercise and other lifestyle concerns.


General Principles and Concepts.- to Health Promotion for Working Women: A Methodology.- The Legal Context for Workplace Safety and Health Promotion: Thinking of Women.- Specific Health Topics.- Workplace Health Promotion Interventions ConcerningWomenWorkers' Occupational Hazards.- Mental Health Disorders and Work-life Balance.- Musculoskeletal Disorders.- Work-Related Violence, Bullying, and Sexual Harassment.- Promoting Health for Working Women-Communicable Diseases.- Screening at the Workplace and Female Employees.- Women's Reproductive Health Issues.- Workplace Health Promotion Aiming at Safe Working Environments for Pregnant Women.- Workplace Health Promotion Aimed at Increasing Breastfeeding.- Lifestyle Determinants.- Promoting Tobacco Awareness and Smoking Cessation for Working Women.- Women, Health, and Alcohol-related Harm.- Promoting Physical Activity and a Healthy Diet among Working Women.


Athena Linos is Associate Professor in the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the University of Athens Medical School.
Wilhelm Kirch is Chair of the Institute for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the Medical Faculty of Dresden University of Technology. He is a past president of the European Public Health Association. He published Extreme Weather Events and Public Health Responses (2005) with Springer, and he is editor of our forthcoming Encyclopedia of Public Health (2008).


From the reviews:
"Filled with useful tips for public health care workers, the 13 articles of this volume address health and its promotion for working women. ... The articles are based on European case studies but have been tailored towards practical application, with reports on the research findings and EU standards accompanied by bulleted lists of suggestions for health promotion." (www.booknews.com, April, 2008)
"This book describes workplace health promotion and argues for gender-specific programs ... . It is accessible to those without expertise in health promotion or occupational safety and health. ... The editors have succeeded in covering the breadth of issues regarding workplace health promotion and make a solid argument for addressing the specific needs of working women. ... a valuable resource for public health professionals involved in the design and/or implementation of the programs. The book would also be a useful teaching tool." (Kathleen M. Vetter, Doody's Review Service, October, 2008)
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