Political Economy, Linguistics and Culture

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During the late 19th and throughout the 20th century, social sciences in general and economics in particular have undergone enormous progress. This has led to something of an embarrassment of riches. While certain topics have been fully researched to the point where the marginal benefit from further research is approaching zero, others have remained largely under-researched or were being ignored altogether. It is this discrepancy which prompted the research paradigm of Crossing Bridges . For this volume, ten authors have joined forces to address the problem of under-researched topics, focussing in particular on gaps in interdisciplinary research between economics and other social sciences such as linguistics, art and cultural history. Making use of interdisciplinary methods and approaches, the book makes a case for stronger bonds between the different fields of social science.


A Language Bridge between Peoples and Disciplines.- The Theory and Measurement of Influence in the History of Economic Thought.- Gustave Courbet's L'Origine du Monde and Its Socioeconomic Implications.- to Blum's Essays.- Contrasting Historical-Logical Narrative Conventions in Germany and Austria and Their Influence upon Inquiry and Explanation in the Arts and the Sciences: An Example from the Economic Inquiries of Gustav Schmoller, Max Weber, Carl Menger, and Ludwig von Mises.- The European Metahistorical Narrative and Its Changing "Metaparadigms" in the Modern Age (Part I).- The European Metahistorical Narrative and its Changing "Metaparadigms" in the Modern Age (Part II): Western Painting 1815-1914.- Toll Bridge over Troubled Waters: New Deal Agriculture Programs in the South.- Environmental Protection Agency Enforcement Patterns: A Case of Political Pork Barrel?.- Nation of Origin Bias and the Enforcement of Immigration Laws by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
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