Find Your Style and Knit It Too

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This fun, funky guide helps you find your style and create great hand-knit clothes and accessories that express it.
Easy-to-follow instructions with colorful illustrations get you going even if you've never picked up knitting needles before. Cosmo-style quizzes make it fun to explore both your knitting style and your fashion profile. There are projects for you whether your style is: TomboyDancerPunkPreppyGirly-girlArty and funkyHippieFashionista
Put your new skills in action by choosing from more than twenty-five hip patterns, including a mellow newsboy cap, a delicate ballet skirt, a casual kerchief, a preppy sleeveless hoodie, and even some in-your-face skull wristbands. Mix and match styles and add details to express your mood and individualize your look! Lots of the projects are so simple you can knit an extraordinary one-of-a-kind item faster than you can drive to the mall and pick up a one-style-fits-all piece.


Introduction. Part 1: Knitting know-how. Quiz: What kind of knitter are you?. 1: Get set!. 2: Now you're ready to knit. 3: Oops! spotting and fixing mistakes. 4: Knitting beyond the rectangle: increasing and decreasing. 5: Stuff you should know now that you can knit. 6: Getting fancy with your knitting. 7: Knitting in circles. 8: Finishing touches. 9: Fun stuff to decorate your knitting. Part 2: Your style, your projects. Quiz: What's your style? 10: Arty and funky. 11: Tomboy 12: Dancer. 13: Girly-girl. 14: Fashionista. 15: Funk. 16: Preppy. 17: Hippie. Contributing Designers. Index.


Sharon Turner is the founder of Monkeysuits, a playful, popular line of knitting patterns. She runs two knitting clubs for kids and teens at New York City schools. She is the author of Monkeysuits: Sweaters and More to Knit for Kids, Teach Yourself Visually Knitting, Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design, and Knitting Visual Quick Tips.
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