Agricultural Extension and Rural Development: Breaking Out of Knowledge Transfer Traditions

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Oktober 2008



While cultural traditions are important, there is a need to challenge, as well as to respect, those traditions which have given rise to a particular rural research and development system. The authors examine the broad themes of 'knowledge transfer' and the organisation and conduct of research and development from a 'second-order' systems perspective. The discussion is based on the system operating in the rangelands of Australia, where the need to adopt a novel approach arose because the existing practice of agricultural extension did not meet the needs of the farming community there, and the funding bodies were dissatisfied with the return on their investment. The ways in which the relationship between the rural community and researchers might be more effectively managed are discussed. The issues addressed have relevance in a wider context and this book will therefore be of importance to any professional involved in agricultural management and policy making.


Foreword; Part I. Breaking Out of Traditions: 1. The research-development relationship in rural communities: an opportunity for contextual science David B. Russell and Raymond L. Ison; 2. The human quest for understanding and agreement Lloyd Fell and David Russell; 3. Technology: transforming grazier experience Raymond L. Ison; Part II. Historical Patterns, Technological Lineages and the Emergence of Institutionalised Research and Development: 4. From theodolite to satellite: land, technology and power in the western division of NSW Adrian Mackenzie; 5. Experience, tradition and service? Institutionalised research and development in the Rangelands Ray Ison; Part III. A Design for Second-Order Research and Development: 6. Enthusiasm: developing critical action for second-order research and development David Russell and Ray Ison; 7. Co-researching: braiding theory and practice for research with people Lynn Webber; 8. The grazier's story Danielle Dignam and Philippa Major; Part IV. Limitations and Possibilities for Research and Development Design: 9. Designing research and development systems for mutual benefit David Russell and Ray Ison.


"Those involved in agricultural research and extension will find the book both thought-provoking and, for some, controversial." Journal of Natural Resources Life Science Education
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