Regulation of Tissue PH in Plants and Animals: A Reappraisal of Current Techniques

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The maintenance of a stable acid-base status within biological tissue is a fundamental homeostatic process in all organisms, necessary to preserve the metabolic function of proteins and other macromolecules. The study of acid-base regulation has advanced enormously over recent decades due to the development of increasingly accurate and sensitive techniques for measuring acid-base variables. This volume brings together contributions from leading comparative physiologists working on factors affecting the acid-base status of the internal fluids of animals and plants. The result is a broad-ranging, authoritative and accessible review of the most recent and exciting discoveries in this area, together with a critical look at current techniques and tools.


List of contributors; Preface; 1. Measurement of intracellular pH - comparison between ion-sensitive microelectrodes and fluorescent dyes C. J. Schwiening; 2. pH-sensitive microelectrodes: how to use them in plant cells H. H. Felle; 3. The use of nuclear magnetic resonance for examining pH in living system S. T. Kinsey and T. S. Moerland; 4. Invasive studies of intracellular acid-base parameters: quantitative analyses during environmental and functional stress H. O. Portner and F. J. Sartois; 5. Lactate, H+, and ammonia transport and distribution in rainbow trout white muscle after exhaustive exercise C. M. Wood and Y. Wang; 6. Limiting factors for acid-base regulation in fish: branchial transfer capacity vs. diffuse loss of acid-base relevant ions N. Heisler; 7. H+-mediated control of ion channels in guard cells of higher plants M. R. Blatt and A. Grabov; 8. pH regulation of plants with CO2 concentrating mechanisms J. A. Raven; 9. Intracellular pH regulation in plants under anoxia R. G. Ratcliffe; 10. The role of turtle shell in acid-base buffering D. C. Jackson; 11. Acid-base regulation in crustaceans: roll of bicarbonate ions N. M. Whitely; 12. A novel role for the gut of seawater teleosts in acid-base balance R. W. Wilson; 13. pH and smooth muscle: regulation and functional effects S. Wray, A. J. Bullock, N. Buttell and R. A. Duquette; 14. Regulation of pH in vertebrate red blood cells B. L. Tufts; 15. Acid-base regulation in hibernation and aestivation A. Malan; 16. Hepatic metabolism and pH in starvation and refeeding V. A. Zammit; 17. Back to basics: a plea for a fundamental reappraisal of the representation of acidity and basicity in biological solutions R. Tyler-Jones and E. W. Taylor; Index.


"The strength of this book is its wide scope...This book will be of interest to anyone studying biological acid regulation." The Quarterly Review of Biology
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