Supervenience: New Essays

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Supervenience is one of the 'hot discoveries' of recent analytic philosophy, and this collection of new essays on the topic represents a 'state of the art' examination of it and its application to major areas of philosophy. The interest in supervenience has much to do with the flexibility of the concept. To say that x supervenes on y indicates a degree of dependence without committing one to the view that x can be reduced to y. Thus supervenience is a relationship that has the potential of replacing the traditional notion of dependence, while performing at least part of the function reductive relationships were supposed to fulfil. Moreover, since it is a topic-neutral concept, supervenience has a wide range of applicability.


Introduction Elias E. Savellos and Umit D. Yalcin; 1. Varieties of supervenience Brian McLaughlin; 2. Supervenience: model theory or metaphysics? James C. Klagge; 3. 'Global' supervenient determination: too permissive? John F. Post; 4. Weak supervenience supervenes John Bacon; 5. The tweedledee and tweedledum of supervenience Thomas R. Grimes; 6. Reduction in the mind of god Daniel Bonevac; 7. Psychophysical supervenience, dependency, and reduction Cynthia MacDonald; 8. Supervenience redux John Heil; 9. Nonreducible supervenient causation Berent Enc; 10. Physicalism, supervenience, and dependence Paul K. Moser and J. D. Trout; 11. An argument for strong supervenience Barry Loewer; 12. Arguments for supervenience and physical realisation David Papineau; 13. Supervenience and the essences of events Elias E. Savellos; 14. How does ontology supervene on what there is? Felicia Ackerman; 15. Space, supervenience, and intentionality Earl Conee; 16. Supervenience, coherence, and trustworthiness Keith Lehrer; 17. Does truth supervene on evidence? James Van Cleeve.


"A wide-ranging collection of essays....The volume is well organized..." Don Ross, Philosophy in Review
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