Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings

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String matching problems range from the relatively simple task of searching a single text for a string of characters to searching a database for approximate occurrences of a complex pattern. Recent years have witnessed a dramatic increase of interest in sophisticated string matching problems, especially in information retrieval and computational biology. This book presents a practical approach to string matching problems, focusing on the algorithms and implementations that perform best in practice. It covers searching for simple, multiple and extended strings, as well as regular expressions, and exact and approximate searching. It includes all the most significant new developments in complex pattern searching. The clear explanations, step-by-step examples, algorithm pseudocode, and implementation efficiency maps will enable researchers, professionals and students in bioinformatics, computer science, and software engineering to choose the most appropriate algorithms for their applications.


1. Introduction; 2. String matching; 3. Multiple string matching; 4. Extended string matching; 5. Regular expression matching; 6. Approximate matching; 7. Conclusion.


'I really enjoyed reading and studying this book. I am convinced it is a must-read, especially chapters 4 through 6, for anyone who is involved in the task of designing algorithms for modern string or sequence matching.' Computing Reviews
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