Feminist Anthropology

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"Feminist Anthropology" probes critical issues in the study of gender, sex, and sexuality. While feminist anthropology is often perceived as fragmented, this vital new work establishes common ground and situates feminist inquiries within the larger context of social theory and anthropological practice.


Foreword. Taking stock-the transformation of feminist theorizing in anthropology Introduction. Feminist anthropology: perspectives on our past, present, and future
1. The future of gender or the end of a brilliant career?
2. Feminist theories of embodiment and anthropological imagination: making bodies matter
3. Gender, genes, and the evolution of human birth
4. Marriage, matrifocality, and "missing" men
5. Archaeologists, feminists, and queers: sexual politics in the construction of the past
6. In the midst of the moving waters: material, metaphor, and feminist archaeology
7. Materiality and social change in the practice of feminist anthropology.
8. Feminist perspectives and the teaching of archaeology: implications from the inadvertent ethnography of the classroom
9. Toward a (more) feminist pedagogy in biological anthropology: ethnographic reflections and classroom strategies
10. The professional is political Afterword: on waves


Pamela L. Geller teaches anthropology at American University in Washington, D.C. Miranda K. Stockett is a visiting scholar in the Anthropology Department of Cornell University.
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