A New Model of the Economy

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März 2008



Presenting a radical revision of modern economic theory, this analysis adjusts the entire range of economic thought in relation to the fundamental part played by land, the significance of credit--especially in the banking system--and the crucial impact of the taxation method. The resulting system based upon natural law, economic security for all, fair distribution of output, and the opportunity for self-fulfillment through work draws upon the masters of economic thought--from Smith and Ricardo to Marshall, Schumpter, and Keynes--but also provides new insights by highlighting concepts often omitted from current studies of their works.


After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Brian Hodgkinson won a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford where he took a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. After five years lecturing in the Social Studies School at Sussex University, he became Head of Economics at Dulwich College and then at St James Schools in London. As the founder editor of the Economics journal 'British Economics Survey', he kept in touch with applied Economics and questions of public policy.


"The author claims that economists today employ 'flat-earth' models, which are unrealistic. They ignore the huge influence of spatial location, which gives rise to economic, or Ricardian, rent. In short, the book offers a model for fundamental reform." --"Abstracts of Public Administration, Development and Environment (APADE)"
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