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Carney explains current practices and proposes a plan with which to manage media relationships.


Introduction; Why Media, Why News; Basic Principles of Media Relations; Professional Relations; Basics of Media: Who They Are; Basics of Media: How They Work; Getting Started: A Media Plan; The First Steps: Research, Goals and Training; Approaching the Media: Media Drivers and the News Release ioi; Other Approaches to the Media; Do-it-Yourself Media; The Interview; Overview and Limitations; The Interview Continued: Questions and Answers; Evaluation and Revision; Special Media, Special Cases; Business Media; Government and Politics Entertainment Media; Sports Media; Crisis Communications Internet and the New Media; The Fine Art of Complaining About the Media; Emerging Trends in Media Relations; Towards a Greater Understanding of Media, Communications and Technology; Index.
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Untertitel: The Practice of Media Relations in Canada. 2 Rev ed. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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