Culturing Wilderness in Jasper National Park

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Nine writers record two centuries worth of human history, tracing the evolution of trading routes into the Rockies' largest park.


Introduction; The Fur Trade on the Upper Athabasca River, 1810-1910; Henry James Warre's and Paul Kane's Sketches in the Athabasca Watershed, 1846; "Following the Base of the Foothills": Tracing the Boundaries Jasper Park and its Adjacent Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve; Homesteading the Athabasca Valley to 1910: An Interview with Edward Wilson Moberly, Prairie Creek, Alberta, 29 August 1980; Opening the Secret Garden: Mary Schaffer, Jasper Park Conservation, and the Survey of Maligne Lake, 1911; The Changing Habitat of Jasper Tourism; Laying the Tracks for Tourism: Paradoxical Promotions and the Development of Jasper National Park; The Golden Years of Mountaineering in Canada: Ethics, Form, and Style, 1886-1925; Twinning Reality, or How Taking History Seriously Changes How We Understand Ecological Restoration in Jasper National Park; Index.


"The essays, arranged in chronological order, speak not as a single cohesive history but as an exploration of interrelated subjects that contributed culture to wilderness in one way or another, often subtly. As a cover-to-cover read, it will enthrall only the most serious Jasper enthusiasts, but if you've ever pondered the specifics of how the park's campgrounds came to look as they do or how the park was promoted to early tourists as a travel destination, the book will hold your interest." - Tyrone Burke, Canadian Geographic, April 2011
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Untertitel: Studies in Two Centuries of Human History in the Upper Athabasca River Watershed. 'Mountain Cairns: A Series on the History and Culture of the Canadian Rocky Mountains'. colour photos & maps. Sprache: Englisch.
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