When the Apple Falls

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Oktober 2007



When Adam Smith's wife goes into labor with their first child, Adam hits a crisis point. He swore that his life wold be nothing like his mother's--a life he believes was destroyed by the demands of raising him and his brothers and sisters. Now he's backed into a corner, unable to find a way out. But how much does Adam really know about his mother? Grace, Adam's mother, thinks her life is perfect--and so does everyone else she knows. With a loving husband, four beautiful children, and an idyllic life on an Idaho farmstead, she has everything she wants. Then she meets Paul Mayfield, the charming, handsome, single farmer who lives across the road, and her perfect life seems like a sham. How can Grace escape the hollow shell of her former happiness when her only choices are to betray her family or deny her heart? In this passionate and nuanced novel, the seeds of Adam's crisis and Grace's trial by fire blend together to show us that no one knows where the apple will fall.

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Untertitel: A Novel. Sprache: Englisch.
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