Women in Twentieth-Century Europe

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Februar 2008



Women's lives changed more in the Twentieth century than in any previous century. It was a period of transformation, not only of the political realm, but also the household, family and workplace. Ranging widely over Europe, this fascinating account is one of the first comprehensive surveys of its kind.


Acknowledgements.- Introduction: The Best of Times. the Worst of Times.- Women and the First World War.- Women as Citizens in the Inter-War Democracies.- Women in the Authoritarian and Totalitarian States of the Inter-War Years.- Women in the Second World War.- The Best of Both Worlds? Women in Western Europe in the Post-War Era, 1945-1970.- Too Emancipated? Women in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1945-1989.- The Personal and the Political: Women's Liberation in Western Europe, 1968-1990.- Democracy Without Women: Eastern Europe after Communism.- From Equal Rights to Gender Mainstreaming: Women in the European Union, 1980-Present.- Conclusion: Emancipation: Myth and Reality.- Notes.- Suggested Reading.- Index.


Ann T. Allen
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