How to Read the Victorian Novel

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November 2007



"How to Read the Victorian Novel" unpicks our comfortable expectations of the genre to fully explore just how unfamiliar its familiarity is: emphasizing the complexity and contradictions in Victorian writers' attempts to deal with a world heading into modernity at full speed.


Preface. 1. What's Victorian about the Victorian Novel?. 2. The Beginnings and Pickwick. 3. Vanity Fair and Victorian Realism. 4. Jane, David, and the Bildungsroman. 5. The Sensation Novel and The Woman in White. 6. Middlemarch. Index


George Levine is the Kenneth Burke Professor of English at Rutgers University where he is also Director of the Center for the Analysis of Contemporary Culture. He is the author of Dying to Know: Scientific Epistemology and Narrative in Victorian England (2002), The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot (2001), Darwin and the Novelists: Patterns of Science in Victorian Fiction (1991), and The Realistic Imagination: English Fiction from Frankenstein to Lady Chatterley (1983).


"Most interesting is his commentary upon the panoramic/encyclopedic nature of Victorian fiction, the commitment to recognizable generic modes, and the novelists' interest in finding connections among diverse aspects of experience." (Studies in English Literature, Fall 2008) "A broad-ranging introduction to the genre using examples from the classics." (Times Higher Education Supplement)
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