Culture and Politics in China: An Anatomy of Tiananmen Square

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As the world watched the crumbling away of communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the pro-democracy movement in China was dealt a severe blow in June of 1989. Also referred to as the June 4th Incident, the Tiananmen Square protest included students, intellectuals, and workers demanding democratic reforms and social change. To break up the escalating protest armed soldiers stormed the square killing close to two hundred demonstrators and injuring thousands more. Culture and Politics in China explores the events, trends, and tendencies that led to the student demonstrations.


Peter Li is formerly associate professor of Asian Studies and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Marjorie H. Li, formerly acting East Asian Librarian at Alexander Library, Rutgers University, is now a librarian at the Oakland Public Library in California. Steven Mark is a journalist with particular interest in East Asian affairs.
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