The Awakening

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"How wonderful it is to have this book to be able to recognize the negatives that ill our thoughts. The possibility for people to change Edward says is now conceivable. Edward Jones knows the path to living a life of significance is to know who we are. To live with a sense of purpose where in our lives we create meaning, a life of significance. The Awakening reveals universal truths to provide us all the understanding. His ultimate goal is to place our minds in position, for us to grow true to form and live out our primary purpose. Sad to say it's that very purpose we've turned against. This book explains it's by our turning against this purpose we're destroying our selves and our world. Certain chaos is in only a matter of time, for it's the present negatives in our way of thinking, following their instinctive course. But it's Edward's inspiring message that provides the understanding and Hope." - Bill Dixon, a friend

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