The Society of Sentients in Nexus Prime: The Founders Guide and Sentient Insights to the Pentarchy Prime Framework

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Some will be troubled with what is written by this scribe. The confusion is really the question as to why would anyone challenge the status quo? The greater concern here ought to be bringing out the particulars regarding the hidden activities being done to segments of society that would incense and be of great concern by the greater percentages of reasonable sentients. By being out of sight, the aim is to retain power by feudal lords. The concern by every sentient ought to be that no atrocities of any kind will be allowed or be promoted by any sector of the societal domain. The conclusion will be that all feudal (elite) systems must expire and be promoted no more. We have the capacity to make optimum decisions for ourselves. To resign to an inferior construct will result in greatly diminished sentient promoting developmental environments. The object of this book is to provide a starting point to ultimately provide a comprehensive reference instrument that completely encompasses, with minor revisions over time, the entire subject matter pertaining to the title of this book. Historical and contemporary examples and references are included to assist the reader's understanding of this body of work.

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