Event-Driven mobile financial Information-Services

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In recent years, mobile applications and technologies have become valuable for many companies and their customers. This ongoing trend has affected both businesses and everyday life. Jan Muntermann presents an intraday event study that is conducted within the German capital market, and provides evidence that investors could exploit intraday stock price effects following critical market events. He then develops the concept for a corresponding mobile decision support system that assists investors in identifying those events. Based on the design science research paradigm, he uses this concept in the design of a novel mobile decision support system, which can provide ubiquitous information access to private investors. For this work, Jan Muntermann has been awarded the CCI Dissertation Prize 2007 sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Frankfurt am Main. The prize awards outstanding theses that emphasize practical relevance.


Analysis of intraday stock price effects on the German capital market

Mobile notification and decision support for private investors

Design of an IT artifact for intraday decision support

Evaluation of the IT artifact

Summary and further research


:Dr. Jan Muntermann ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter von Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg am T-Mobile Stiftungslehrstuhl für Mobile Business an der Universität Frankfurt am Main.
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