Reconstructing Christianity in China: K. H. Ting and the Chinese Church

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November 2007



This monumental work recounts a large part of modern Chinese Christian history by telling the story of one of its key protagonists--Bishop K. H, Ting, a public figure both revered and reviled--as he negotiated the path of millions of chinese Protestant Christians from the triumph of Mao's Revolution until today. Philip L. Wickeri's research brings into relief important chapters of Chinese Christian history: the struggles of a beleagured Christian minority, distrusted as a foreign religion; the bloodshed of World War II; and the turmoil of a revolution that waged war against every layer of society that stood in its path. K. H. Ting survived all this and more at the head of the Three Self Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council.


Philip L Wickeri is Flora Lamson Hewlett Professor of Evangelism and Mission at San Francisco Theological Seminary.
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