Modern Architecture

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A guide to the great buildings and structures of the modern age from around the world. It discusses over 440 structures from those regarded as classics of modern architecture, such as L'Institut du Monde Arab in Paris and the Sydney Opera House, to buildings such as the Swiss Re building in London and the Parliamentary Library in New Delhi.


Foreword; Introduction; 1. Arts and Crafts; 2. Classicism; 3. Organic; 4. Modernism; 5. Postmodernism; 6. Robotic; 7. Cities; 8. Futures; Index.


Jonathan Glancey is Architecture and Design Editor of The Guardian. He is an authority on architecture and design and is a frequent commentator on radio and television. His previous publications include The Story of Architecture and Carlton's The Car and The Train. He lives in London.
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Untertitel: The Structures That Shaped the Modern World. 441 colour & b&w photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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