What to Do with the Kid Who...: Developing Cooperation, Self-Discipline, and Responsibility in the Classroom

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Januar 2008



This new edition offers both new and experienced teachers over 200 updated strategies and techniques to meet the critical challenges of today's diverse classroom and unique student needs. This resource features the latest theories and research on classroom management, violence prevention, emotional intelligence, inclusion, and cooperative learning. Addressing 19 common discipline problems, the author offers practical interventions and helps teachers put best practices into action-establishing a warm classroom climate, providing clear expectations, using authentic assessment techniques, and teaching social skills.


About the Author
1. Meeting the Educational Challenges of the Twenty-First Century
2. Reviewing Current Teaching and Learning Theories
3. Setting a Positive Classroom Climate for Learning
4. Teaching Students How to Use Appropriate Social Skills
5. Helping Students Who Won't Accept Responsibility
6. Helping Students Who Lack Effective Interpersonal Skills
7. Addressing Students Who Cause Class Disruptions
8. Working With Students Who Have Special Needs
Final Thoughts


Kay Burke has served as an award-winning classroom teacher and a school administrator, university instructor, and international professional developer. She works with Kay Burke & Associates, LLC, to provide workshops for teachers and administrators in standards-based learning, performance assessment, classroom management, mentoring, and portfolio development. For the past 18 years, Burke has presented at state and national conferences such as ASCD, NSDC, NAESP, NASSP, NMSA, and IRA as well as international conferences in Canada and Australia. She is the author of 10 professional development books and coauthor of a college textbook on assessment. Corwin Press published Burke's best-selling From Standards to Rubrics in Six Steps: Tools for Assessing Student Learning, K-8 (2006), a 2007 finalist for the Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing presented by the Association of Educational Publishers. Other books published by Corwin Press include How to Assess Authentic Learning, Fourth Edition (2005) and What to Do With the Kid Who: Developing Cooperation, Self-Discipline and Responsibility in the Classroom (Third Edition).


"I can't think of one teacher who would not find this book a favorite resource. I have countless testimonials from teachers in my graduate classes who have used ideas from Kay Burke in their most frustrating or hopeless situations. They were amazed at the way they turned relationships with students and entire classes around."
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