Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

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Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet Feuding families--the Montagues and Capulets. Star-crossed lovers--Romeo and Juliet. A street brawl and a masquerade ball. Comedy and tragedy. Murder and revenge. True romance. A secret marriage. A double suicide. Packed with action and emotion, this manga edition is the ideal way to explore Shakespeare's timeless themes and appreciate his immortal love scenes.


Suiting the Action to the Word: Shakespeare and Manga.

Act I.

Act II.

Act III.

Act IV.

Act V.


Adam Sexton is author of Master Class in Fiction Writing and editor of the anthologies Love Stories, Rap on Rap, and Desperately Seeking Madonna. He has written on art and entertainment for The New York Times and The Village Voice, and he teaches fiction writing and literature at New York University and critical reading and writing at Parsons School of Design. A graduate of Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son. Yali Lin was born in Guang Dong, southern China. She started drawing comics before she knew what they were. At the age of 11, she moved to New York City with her family and read her first comic book in 7th grade. Immediately she fell in love with the endless fantasy worlds you can create in this fast growing medium. Her influences are found in Japanese manga, mainly Shojo. In May 2006, Yali graduated from the School of Visual Arts with her BFA in Cartooning. She is currently drawing her second book and teaches cartooning classes to young children and teens in NYC.


"Reading a comic adaptation of Shakespeare offers students an opportunity to make sense of the rich language using the illustrations. Shakespeare, after all, was meant to be seen not read. Experiencing Shakespeare as a comic is the best substitute to watching the play itself." ( The Graphic Classroom , April 12, 2008)
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