The Chosen Five: Book Two of the Abon Trilogy

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Abon has already defeated the army of power-hungry Dark Creatures, under the cruel command of King Cumbulus. Back in the familiarity of his hometown, Abon is content to remain inconspicuous for a time. Yet, adventure seems to find him when a comrade from his previous journey arrives unannounced on his doorstep. It is time to finish what Abon started. He sets off determined to convert to the Dark Creatures to the good he knows he can find in them.
But as they set out on their second journey, the famous trio finds out that there is more to the Kalanglasian race than a single prophecy. As they struggle to reach their new destination, Abon and his fellow adventurers begin to unwind a tightly woven mystery. On a path marked with danger, sorrow, anger, love, and the tribulations of youth, Abon must find the strength to press on...before it is too late.

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