Iraq Decoded

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Provides a summary and analysis of the war and events in Iraq by combining western sentiments and views with a description of Middle Eastern politics and the triggers affecting events there. This book presents local Iraqi events in a way that Americans can relate to them.


Introduction; Iraq for Beginners; Early US Missteps in the Immediate Aftermath of the Invasion of Iraq; Current Issues & Dynamics in Iraq: A Western Translation of Local & Regional Events; Eyes on the Future; Conclusion.


The author, Dr. Jabbar Fazeli, is an American who still can call himself a native of the Middle East, as he is a Shiite Iranian from that countrya s Arab minority who has unique ethnic and cultural links to Iraq. Dr. Fazeli has also lived in Kuwait, a Sunni country and a melting pot of Middle Eastern migrant workers. His complex local exposure and experience is further enhanced by a decade of living in Europe and over 12 years of being on US soil, immersed in the American culture. His approach to the material allows readers to understand the various political and cultural elements that comprise the driving forces behind the apparent chaos in Iraq.
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