What Writers Know: The Language, Process, and Structure of Written Discourse

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Dezember 1981



M. Nystrand, Introduction: Rhetoric's "Audience" and Linguistics' "Speech Community": Implications for Understanding Writing, Reading, and Text. The Language of Written Discourse: M. Stubbs, Written Language and Society: Some Particular Cases and General Observations. M. Nystrand, An Analysis of Errors in Written Communication. M. Nystrand, The Structure of Textural Space. B.S. Glatt, Defining Thematic Progressions and Their Relationship to Reader Comprehension. M.M. Cooper, Context as Vehicle: Implications in Writing. R.A. Gundlach, Children as Writers: The Beginnings of Learning to Write. J. Britton, Spectator Role and the Beginnings of Writing. The Processes and Structure of Written Discourse: M. Scardamalia, C. Bereiter, and H. Goelman, The Role of Production Factors in Writing Ability. R. de Beaugrande, Psychology and Composition: Past, Present, and Future. A. Matsuhashi, Explorations in the Real-Time Production of Written Discourse. M. Steinmann, Jr., Speech-Act Theory and Writing. J.B. Black, D. Wilkes-Gibbs, and R.W. Gibbs, Jr., What Writers Need to Know That They Don't Know They Need to Know. E.J. Bartlett, Learning to Revise: Some Component Processes. A.N. Applebee, Writing and Learning in School Settings. Subject Index.
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