Domestic Violence in Asian American Communities: A Cultural Overview

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August 2007



Domestic violence in Asian American communities remains a rarely discussed, yet pervasive problem. With eight chapters, each dedicated to a different Asian American community, the essays in this volume explore the factors involved in domestic violence in specific communities. This unique project will provide an indispensable tool for scholars and researchers in social work and family studies who want to better understand the complexities of serving this growing and diverse population.


Chapter 1 Overview: Asian American Communities and Domestic Violence Chapter 2 Domestic Violence in the Cambodian American Community Chapter 3 Domestic Violence in the Chinese American Community Chapter 4 Domestic Violence in the Indonesian American Community Chapter 5 Domestic Violence in the Japanese American Community Chapter 6 Domestic Violence in the Korean American Community Chapter 7 Domestic Violence in the South Asian American Community Chapter 8 Domestic Violence in the Vietnamese American Community Chapter 9 Conclusion


Tuyen D. Nguyen is assistant professor of Human Services at California State University, Fullerton.
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