Correspondence Analysis in Practice

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Shows how the versatile method of correspondence analysis (CA) can be used for data visualization in a variety of situations. This book demonstrates how to use uncomplicated, relatively non-mathematical techniques to translate complex tabular data into more readable graphical forms.


Preface Scatterplots and Maps Profiles and the Profile Space Masses and Centroids Chi-Square Distance and Inertia Plotting Chi-Square Distances Reduction of Dimensionality Optimal Scaling Symmetry of Row and Column Analyses Two-Dimensional Maps Three More Examples Contributions to Inertia Supplementary Points Correspondence Analysis Biplots Transition and Regression Relationships Clustering Rows and Columns Multiway Tables Stacked Tables Multiple Correspondence Analysis Joint Correspondence Analysis Scaling Properties of MCA Subset Correspondence Analysis Analysis of Square Tables Data Recoding Canonical Correspondence Analysis Aspects of Stability and Inference Appendix A: Theory of Correspondence Analysis Appendix B: Computation of Correspondence Analysis Appendix C: Bibliography of Correspondence Analysis Appendix D: Glossary of Terms Appendix E: Epilogue Index


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
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