Learning and Performance Matter

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August 2008



Learning and performing is a subject that has profound influence on our results and actions as it cuts across all fields of study. While performing is about meeting the demands placed upon us, learning is expanding the capacity for future demands. This book presents a collection of essays that explains the nature of the learning and performance.


Introduction: Learning and Performance: Rethinking the Dance (P Ramsey); Learning's Place in Organizations: Short History of Learning (J S Brown & E S Gray); When Performance and Learning Are at Odds (S J Singer & A C Edmondson); The Work of KM Made Real (M Wheatley & M E Rogers); The Organizational Challenge: What Can Leaders Do? (M Darling & D Flanigan); Doggie Treats and the Core Group (A Kleiner); Essence of Strategy (A Karnani); Applications: Creating Consulting Partnerships (P Blyde); Exploring Performance vs Learning in Teams (D C Kayes); Evaluation by Means (P Ramsey et al.); Learning to Be an Expert (P Jarvis); Performance-Learning Dysfunctions: Workplace Bullying (A Needham); Perfectionism (D Ramsey & P Ramsey); Looking to the Future: Staying Ahead of Change (P Kumar).
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