Inflationary Cosmology

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Some 25 years after the birth of inflationary cosmology this volume sets out to provide a both authoritative and pedagogical introduction and review of the state of the field. Cosmic inflation corresponds to an episode of accelerated expansion of the very early universe and solves nicely a collection of puzzles that had plagued standard cosmology so far. Different scenarios exist, though, and the reader will learn about the "ins" and "outs" as the subject and related issues are surveyed. With lectures written by eminent scientists in the field, many of them having made pioneering contributrions in the early hours of the field, "Inflationary Cosmology" addresses both senior and younger high-energy physicists, cosmologists and observational astrophysicists seeking both a readable account and reference in the field.


Inflationary Cosmology.- Preheating After Inflation.- Particle Physics Models of Inflation.- Inflation in String Theory.- Predictions in Eternal Inflation.- Inflationary Perturbations: The Cosmological Schwinger Effect.- The Numerical Treatment of Inflationary Models.- Multiple Field Inflation.- The Quest for Non-gaussianity.- Production of Topological Defects at the End of Inflation.- Conceptual Problems of Inflationary Cosmology and a New Approach to Cosmological Structure Formation.


From the reviews: "The author takes us through the basics of the Big Bang theory and then into the idea of inflation-what it is and how it goes along with Big Bang theory. ... Anyone interested in the current state of research into the origins of our universe would be remiss in not reading this book. ... authors are very clear in explaining the problems with Big Bang theory (the horizon problem, magnetic monopoles, etc.) that are cleared-up with the inflation approach." (Philosophy, Religion and Science Book Reviews, bookinspections.wordpress.com, May, 2014)
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