Ecology and Exchange in the Andes

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November 2007



The volume represents a substantial contribution to our understanding of Andean rural society and the nature of the Latin American peasantry.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: Andean societies and the theory of peasant economy David Lehmann; 2. The role of the Andean ayllu in the reproduction of the petty commodity regime in Northern Potosi (Bolivia) Tristan Platt; 3. Labour and produce in an ethnic economy, Northern Potosi, Bolivia Olivia Harris; 4. 'Resistance to capitalism' in the Peruvian Andes Barbara Bradby; 5. Production and market exchange in peasant economies: the case of the southern highlands in Peru Adolfo Figueroa; 6. The Andean economic system and capitalism Rodrigo Sanchez; 7. Property and ideology: a regional oligarchy in the Central Andes in the nineteenth century Fiona Wilson; 8. Multi-levelled Andean society and market exchange: the case of Yucay (Peru) Antoinette Fioravanti-Molini'e; Glossary; References; Index.
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