Neuropsychological Impairments of Short-Term Memory

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This work summarizes the empirical and theoretical work on impairments of short-term memory.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; General introduction; Part I. The Functional Architecture of Auditory-Verbal (Phonological) Short-Term Memory and its Neural Correlates: 1. The impairment of auditory-verbal short-term storage Tim Shallice and Giuseppe Vallar; 2. The development of the concept of working memory: implications and contributions of neuropsychology Alan D. Baddeley; 3. Multiple phonological representations and verbal short-term memory Frances J. Friedrich; 4. Electrophysiological measures of short-term memory Arnold Starr, Geoffrey Barrett, Hillel Pratt, Henry J. Michalewski and Julie V. Patterson; Part II. Phonological Short-Term Memory and Other Levels of Information Processing: Studies in Brain-Damaged Patients with Defective Phonological Memory: 5. Auditory and lexical information sources in immediate recall: evidence from a patient with deficit to the phonological short-term store Rita Sloan Berndt and Charlotte C. Mitchum; 6. Neuropsychological evidence for lexical involvement in short-term memory Eleanor M. Saffran and Nadine Martin; 7. Auditory-verbal span of apprehension: a phenomenon in search of a function? Rosaleen A. McCarthy and Elizabeth K. Warrington; 8. Short-term retention without short-term memory Brian Butterworth, Tim Shallice and Frances L. Watson; Part III. Short-Term Memory Studies in Different Populations (Children, Elderly, Amnesics) and of Different Short-Term Memory Systems: 9. Developmental fractionation of working memory Graham J. Hitch; 10. Adult age differences in working memory Fergus I. M. Craik, Robin G. Morris and Mary L. Gick; 11. Lipreading, neuropsychology and immediate memory Ruth Campbell; 12. Memory without rehearsal David Howard and Sue Franklin; 13. The extended present: evidence from time estimation by amnesics and normals Marcel Kinsbourne and Robert E. Hicks; Part IV. Phonological Short-Term Memory and Sentence Comprehension: 14. Short-term memory and language comprehension: a critical review of the neuropsychological literature David Caplan and Gloria S. Waters; 15. Neuropsychological evidence on the role of short-term memory in sentence processing Randi C. Martin; 16. Short-term memory impairment and sentence processing: a case study Eleanor M. Saffran and Nadine Martin; 17. Phonological processing and sentence comprehension: a neuropsychological case study Giuseppe Vallar, Anna Basso and Gabriela Bottini; 18. Working memory and comprehension of spoken sentences: investigation of children with reading disorder Stephen Crain, Donald Shankweiler, Paul Macaruso and Eva Bar-Shalom; Name index; Subject index.


"...an excellent reference work and belongs on the shelves of all serious investigators of human memory, cognition, and cognitive neuroscience." Choice "...a set of outstanding researchers who contribute chapters on just about every aspect of short-term memory and its neural correlates." Nature
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