Everything Must Change

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Juni 2008



A poignant novel that contemplates social conscience and radical activism in the modern world, this story relates a 20th-century French philosopher and radical activist, Simone Weil, to a 21st-century Welsh language advocate, Meinwen Jones. Simone probes the experiences and philosophies beneath a radical and intellectual exterior, which often leads her to self-destructive actions. Against this narrative are Meinwen and her contemporaries, who examine the fate of post-devolution Wales. The self-denying, ascetic lives of both women are portrayed with gentle clarity, and the novel travels between humanizing dissent and the cold politics of acute social conscience.


Grahame Davies was winner of the Wales Arts Council's Book of the Year Award, 2002 , with the volume Cadwyni Rhyddid. He is a poet, critic and novelist in the Welsh language. A former newspaper journalist, he works for BBC Wales.


"essential reading for anyone who wants to get under the skin of the Welsh language debate - from both sides." - Owen Martell
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