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"Scott Foresman ESL" (by Jim Cummins, Anna Uhl Chamot, Carolyn Kessler, J. Michael O'Malley, and Lily Wong Fillmore) is a content-based program that accelerates English language learning. It teaches students the academic language and content they need to achieve success in the mainstream classroom. Through explicit learning strategies, grade-level content materials, and a balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, "Scott Foresman ESL" helps students develop their higher-order thinking, their language ability and, ultimately, their self-esteem. Features
  • Grade-level content material that matches the mainstream classroom.
  • Academic language with a focus on skills development.
  • Critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills that take students beyond basic comprehension.
  • Authentic literature to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
  • Continuous assessment and test-taking preparation.
  • Phonics-based language development at every level.

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