Organic Chemistry

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Everything that is in the print book will be in the WebBook and more. The additional functionality includes the following: 1. Where the print book has media icons, movies, animations, 3-D molecular models, and activities are inserted. 2. Clicking on a glossary term in the text pops up the definition. 3. Where the print book has "chain-link" cross-references, the WebBook has links that go to the appropriate section. 4. Search engine for any term in the book (replaces the index). 5. Students can put bookmarks anywhere in the book. 6. Students can highlight and, unlike a print book, remove highlights 7. Students can add annotations in the margins, just like a print book, and can remove them or edit them later. 8. There is a diagnostic quiz at the beginning of every chapter, which students can take at any time. The results of that quiz create a "Custom Study Plan" which highlights the sections that the students apparently need to restudy.

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