Real World Project Management: Beyond Conventional Wisdom, Best Practices, and Project Methodologies

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Februar 2008



Real-World Project Management Experienced project managers consider the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) an indispensable resource. Yet, there is a significant disconnect between the way PMBOK describes project management frameworks and how actual projects unfold in the real world. Real-World Project Management fills that gap by discussing and describing project management with all its messiness and daily complications. This in-depth guide cuts through the theory to cover the practical-and sometimes ugly-realities of real projects. In addition, while PMBOK looks at a wide variety of tools and techniques with little focus, Real-World Project Management explores the most vital tools and techniques with detailed instructions on making them work in real projects. Where PMBOK fails, Real-World Project Management succeeds-your projects will too.


Section 1. In the Project Trenches.
Chapter 1. So...Where Are We with Project Management and What's with All These Tools Anyway?
Chapter 2. The Quality Lesson - Can We Get It Right This Time?
Chapter 3. The 29.5 Minute Project Manager.
Chapter 4. The Dog Ate My Project Plan.
Chapter 5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Project Management.
Chapter 6. Your Customer Is Talking - Are You Listening?
Chapter 7. Negotiating the Quality Quagmire'.
Section 2. Technical Tools for Quality Management, Risk Management, and Financial Management.
Chapter 8. Critical Chain Project Management.
Chapter 9. The Analytic Hierarchy Process.
Chapter 10. The Monte Carlo Analysis.
Chapter 11. The Decision Tree Analysis.
Chapter 12. The Seven Ishikawa Quality Tools.
Chapter 13. The Quality Functional Deployment (QFD).
Chapter 14. Financial Management and Risk Tools: The Real PV-NPV-IRR Calculations.
Chapter 15. Design of Experiments - An Introduction.
Chapter 16. Putting it All Together.


Richard Perrin, PMP, CSM, is Director for the Program and Project Management Consulting Practice at ASPE Technologies. He has more than thirty years of experience consulting to industries such as aerospace, energy, telecommunications, finance, retail, publishing, and healthcare.
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