Practice Makes Perfect Advanced Italian Grammar

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More practice to expand your Italian skills
The Practice Makes Perfect series has helped thousands learn the basics of Italian, from vocabulary to prepositions, verbs, and beyond. Now this innovative series turns its attention to advanced students of Italian who have the foundation of good language skills and want to take their knowledge to the next level. To help you evolve your language skills, this book focuses on more sophisticated grammar topics that are essential to constructing longer, more complex sentences. They especially highlight more troublesome areas, such as the correct use of object pronouns.


1. Overview of the Verb
2. The Indicative
3. The Subjunctive
4. The Conditional
5. The Imperative
6. Reflexive and Progressive Verbs
7. Other Verb Topics
8. Overview of Sentence Structure
9. The Basic Noun Phrase
10. The Noun Phrase Expanded
11. The Noun Phrase Completed
12. Prepositional Phrases
13. Object Pronouns
14. Adverbs
15. Clauses
16. Other Structures
Answer Key


Marcel Danesi is the author of many books on semiotic topics. He is Professor of Semiotics and Linguistics at the University of Toronto and Director of the Program in Semiotics and Communication Theory. Danesi has also been cross-appointed as a professor of education, having established a continuing studies mathematics program for students with difficulties in this subject.
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