Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation

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Edited and authored by top names in the field, this book provides a succinct reference on inflammatory central nervous system disease. It focuses on current areas of investigation in the fields of neuroimmunology, virology, pharmacology, and disease. Sections focus on specific categories of diseases, examining the pharmacological, virological, and immunological effects of and on the disease. This book's unique organization provides a concise overview of inflammatory CNS disease.


Microglia: A CNS-Specific Tissue Macrophage.
Mechanisms of Microglial Activation by Amyloid Precursor Protein and its Proteolytic Fragments.
Imaging Microglia in the Central Nervous System: Past, Present and Future.
Cytokines in CNS Inflammation and Disease.
Arachidonic Acid Metabolites: Function in Neurotoxicity and Inflammation in the Central Nervous System.
Pattern Recognition Receptors in CNS Disease.
Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation.
Chemokines and Autoimmune Demyelination.
Chemokine Actions in the CNS: Insights from Transgenic Mice.
Chemokines and Spinal Cord Injury.
The Usual Suspects: Chemokines and Microbial Infection of the Central Nervous System.
CNS Dendritic Cells in Inflammation and Disease.
MHC Class I Expression and CD8 T Cell Function: Towards the Cell Biology of T-APC Interactions in the Infected Brain.


From the reviews:
"The involvement of the immune system in central nervous system diseases is highlighted in this book, which details important advances in the understanding of certain aspects of neuroinflammation. ... This is clearly appropriate for clinicians and researchers who are interested in neuroinflammation in the central nervous system. It also can be a valuable research guide for students who are interested in learning some basics on this topic. ... It makes worthwhile contributions to this area." (Christine Maria Rohowsky-Kochan, Doody's Review Service, September, 2008)
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