Neuropsychology for Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, and Attorneys

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Completely revised and updated, this third edition remains an unparalleled reference on the assessment of patients by non-neuropsychologists. Expanding the section on neuroanatomy, the book discusses new findings on age related cognitive changes, PTSD, late onset dementia, and Alzheimer's and includes a new chapter on malingering and deception. The book covers new neurodiagnostic procedures and evaluates a wide range of neuropsychological tests in terms of their strengths, limitations, validity, and reliability as well as methods of scoring and interpretation. It presents several case studies and sample medico-legal reports, a glossary of terms, a list of medications, and a quick-reference summary of the tests detailed in the book.


Clinical Neuropsychology The Education and Training of the Neuropsychologist Clinical Neuropsychology: Comparison with Other Specialties Neuroanatomy Neurobehavioral Disorders Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries and Seizures Reliability and Validity of Neuropsychological Tests Neuropsychological Assessment Deception and Malingering Neuropsychological Testing Scoring and Interpretation of Neuropsychological Test Data The Limitations of Neuropsychological Tests Samples of Medicolegal Neuropsychological Reports Appendix A: Glossary of Neurological and Neuropsychological Terms Appendix B: Psychotropic Agents Appendix C: Strengths and Limitations of Neuropsychological Tests
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