Argumentation in Science Education

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This book brings together the work of leading experts in argumentation in science education. It presents research combining theoretical and empirical perspectives relevant for secondary science classrooms. Since the 1990s, argumentation studies have increased at a rapid pace, from stray papers to a wealth of research exploring ever more sophisticated issues. This volume constitutes a unique collection and covers fundamental issues in argumentation such as cognitive, methodological and epistemological aspects; classroom-based research in teaching and learning of argumentation in science classrooms; and argumentation in context such as in socio-scientific and moral contexts. The book s underlying premise is that argumentation is a significant aspect of scientific inquiry and plays an important role in teaching and learning of science. Argumentation also contributes to the agenda of informed citizenship where students are encouraged and supported in evidence-based reasoning in their everyday lives. "Arumentation appeared as a major theme in science education research during the mid-1990s. Since that time, researchers working on themes such as the nature of science in science education, science education for citizenship, and language in the science classroom have all addressed argumentation in their work. This book brings together key lines of work and key scholars, presenting a state-of-the-art review of argumentation in science education." Professor John LeachThe University of Leeds, UK


Editors' Foreword
Preface. A. Tiberghien

Section I Argumentation Foundations
Chapter 1. Argumentation in Science Education: An Overview. M Jimenez Aleixandre & S Erduran
Chapter 2. Cognitive Foundations of Learning Argumentation. M. Garcia-Mila & C. Andersen
Chapter 3. Methodological Foundations in the Study of Science Classroom Argumentation. S. Erduran
Chapter 4. What can Argumentation tell us about Epistemology? W. Sandoval & K. Millwood.

Section II Research on Teaching and Learning Argumentation
Chapter 5. Designing Argumentation Learning Environments. M. Jimenez Aleixandre
Chapter 6. Social Aspects of Argumentation. S. Kolst¿ & M. Ratcliffe
Chapter 7. Analysis of Lines of Reasoning in Written Argumentation. G. Kelly, J. Regev & W. Prothero.
Chapter 8. Quality of Argumentation and Epistemic Criteria. R Duschl

Section III Argumentation in Context
Chapter 9. Argumentation in Socio-scientific Contexts. L. Simonneaux
Chapter 10. The Role of Moral Reasoning in Argumentation: Conscience, Characterand Care. D. Zeidler & T. Sadler
Chapter 11. Role of Information Technology in Supporting Argumentation in theClassroom. D. Clark, M. Baker, A. Weinberger and M. Menekse
Chapter 12. Science Teacher Education and Professional Development inArgumentation. A. Zohar


From the reviews:
"Argumentation in Science Education ... is a comprehensive and authoritative handbook on 'school scientific argumentation' ... . The book is principally aimed at researchers in didactics of science ... . The book comprises theoretical, empirical, and practical approaches that have clear implications both for analyzing and for fostering argumentation processes in the science classrooms of all educational levels, including teacher education. ... provides the readers with many powerful ideas that could eventually be inspected in subsequent investigations." (A. Adúriz-Bravo, Science & Education, September, 2010)
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