Mastering Knife Skills

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Norman Weinstein has been teaching his knife skills workshop at the Institute for Culinary Education for over ten years. This book makes the teachings of that course available to the reader, with basic instruction on proper techniques, designed to use the knife to maximum efficiency while putting the least amount of stress on the arm.


For more than 20 years, Norman Weinstein, a chef-instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, has taught everyone from first-time cooks to professional chefs how to select and use knives. He has been profiled in "Wine Spectator" and the "New York Times Magazine," and has appeared on the Food Network. The 2003 honoree of the New York Association of Culinary Professionals, Weinstein lives in New York City.
Mark Thomas is a NewYork-based photographer specializing in food, lifestyle, and travel photography. His work has appeared in Stewart Tabori and Chang's "Opera Lover's Cookbook" and "Endangered Recipes," and he recently completed four books for Williams-Sonoma. Thomas's work also appears regularly in "Bon Appetit."
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