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Bhutan is one of the world's most mystical and mysterious countries, and this guide gives a unique view with 27 treks throughout the country. Containing thorough planning information, it covers the whole country with treks in the west (Jhomolhari) across the northern mountain barrier to Tibet, east and center of Bhutan.


Contents Map of Bhutan Foreword by Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan Preface to the first edition Preface to the second edition Introduction The thrill of Bhutan Trekking Climate and trekking seasons Organising a trek Getting there and getting around Environmental and cultural awareness Protected area Flora and wildlife Geology: the formation of the mountains Rivers and glaciers Accommodation and food Medical considerations and fitness Equipment Other activities List of approved treks About this guide The Treks West Bhutan 1 Haa Valley-Saga La-Drugyel Dzong 2 Haa Valley-Nub Tshona Patta Tsho-Rigona 3 Paro-Jhomolhari-Lingshi-Laya-Lunana-Nikka Chhu 4 Jhomolhari Camp-Bonte La-Tagulun La or Lalung La-Drugyel Dzong Circuit 5 Jhomolhari-Lingshi-Thimphu 6 Jhomolhari-Lingshi-Laya-Gasa-Punakha 7 Masa Gang Base Camp from Laya and back 8 Drukpath 9 Dagala Trek - and extension to Dagana 10 Samtengang Trek 11 Gasa Tsachu (hot springs) Trek 12 Gangte Trek and southern variation Central Bhutan 13 Nabji-Korphu Trek (The Black Mountains or Jigme Wangchuk National Park 14 Nubi/Chutey Trek near Trongsa 15 Trongsa-Kasiphey-Dur Tsachu (hot springs) Trek 16 Bumthang-Lunana (including the trek to Dur Tsachu) 17 Gankar Punsum Base Camp below the South Ridge of Gankar Punsum - via Dur hot springs 18 Gankar Punsum Southeast Face-Thole La-Bumthang Trek 19 Gankar Punsum Southeast Face - crossing over to Gankar Punsum Base Camp 20 Bumthang: Ngang-Tang Valleys Trek and Extension to Ura 21 Bumthang: Tang Valley-Rodang La-Lhuntshi-T(r)ashi Yangtse Trek 22 Royal Heritage Trek: Bumthang-Kiki La-Tungi La-Kuenga Rabten- Trongsa 23 Ura-Buli/Zhemgang Trek East Bhutan 24 Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary Trek (Bumdeling Iron Bridge Trek 25 Migoi (Yeti) National Park (Merak-Sakteng) Trek 26 Kharungla Apeman Trek South Bhutan 27 Manas National Park Trek Acknowledgement Appendices Appendix 1 List of maps Appendix 2 List of Treks Appendix 3 Bibliography Appendix 4 Glossary


Bart Jordans, a native of Holland, moved to Bhutan in 1999 with his wife and family. Since 1984 he has worked as a freelance trekking guide, focusing on and encouraging sustainable tourism as a sustainable community based tourism consultant.
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