Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics

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Januar 1985



This volume contains a selection of expository articles on quantum field theory and statistical mechanics by James Glimm and Arthur Jaffe. They include a solution of the original interacting quantum field equations and a description of the physics which these equations contain. Quantum fields were proposed in the late 1920s as the natural framework which combines quantum theory with relativ­ ity. They have survived ever since. The mathematical description for quantum theory starts with a Hilbert space H of state vectors. Quantum fields are linear operators on this space, which satisfy nonlinear wave equations of fundamental physics, including coupled Dirac, Max­ well and Yang-Mills equations. The field operators are restricted to satisfy a "locality" requirement that they commute (or anti-commute in the case of fer­ mions) at space-like separated points. This condition is compatible with finite propagation speed, and hence with special relativity. Asymptotically, these fields converge for large time to linear fields describing free particles. Using these ideas a scattering theory had been developed, based on the existence of local quantum fields.


I Infinite Renormalization of the Hamiltonian Is Necessary.- II Quantum Field Theory Models.- I. The ?22n Model.- Fock space.- Q space.- The Hamiltonian H(g).- Removing the space cutoff.- Lorentz covariance and the Haag-Kastler axioms.- II. The Yukawa Model.- Preliminaries.- First and second order estimates.- Resolvent convergence and self adjointness.- The Heisenberg picture.- III Boson Quantum Field Models.- I. General Results.- Hermite operators.- Gaussian measures and the Schrödinger representation.- Hermite expansions and Fock space.- II. The Solution of Two-Dimensional Boson Models.- The interaction Hamiltonian.- The free Hamiltonian.- Self-adjointness of H(g).- The local algebras and the Lorentz group automorphisms.- IV Boson Quantum Field Models.- III. Further Developments.- Locally normal representations of the observables.- The construction of the physical vaccum.- Formal perturbation theory and models in three space-time dimensions.- V The Particle Structure of the Weakly Coupled P(?)2 Model and Other Applications of High Temperature Expansions.- I. Physics of Quantum Field Models.- Five years of models.- From estimates to physics.- Bound states and resonances.- Phase space localization and renormalization.- VI The Particle Structure of the Weakly Coupled P(?)2 Model and Other Applications of High Temperature Expansions.- II. The Cluster Expansion.- The main results.- The cluster expansion.- Clustering and analyticity: proof of the main results.- Convergence: the main ideas.- An equation of Kirkwood-Salsburg type.- Covariance operators.- Derivatives of covariance operators.- Gaussian integrals.- Convergence: the proof completed.- VII Particles and Bound States and Progess Toward Unitarity and Scaling.- VIII Critical Problems in Quantum Fields.- IX Existence of Phase Transitions for ?24 Quantum Fields.- X Critical Exponents and Renormalization in the ?4 Scaling Limit.- Formulation of the problem.- The scaling and critical point limits.- Renormalization of the ?2(x) field.- Existence of the scaling limit.- The Josephson inequality.- XI A Tutorial Course in Constructive Field Theory.- e?tH as a functional integral.- Examples.- Applications of the functional integral representation.- Ising, Gaussian and scaling limits.- Main results.- Correlation inequalities.- Absence of even bound states.- Bound on g.- Bound on dm2/d? and particles.- The conjecture ?(6) ? 0.- Cluster expansions.- The region of convergence.- The zeroth order expansion.- The primitive expansion.- Factorization and partial resummation.- Typical applications.
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