Concrete Repair: A Practical Guide

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Concrete is an inherently complex material to produce and an even more complex material to repair. With growing pressure to maintain the built environment, and not simply to demolish and rebuild, the need to repair concrete buildings and other structures is increasing and is expected to become of greater importance in the future. This straightforward book serves as a practical guide to engineers on the processes to be followed in commissioning a concrete repair. It stresses the need to fully understand the cause, extent and location of the problem, by appropriate insitu and laboratory testing. And it outlines the steps to a successful repair. It includes sections on the different repair techniques, giving good practical advice as to where and when to use them, and the warns of the pitfalls of their incorrect use. It also includes an up-to-date guide on the current standards for repair, and provides a good bibliography on other sources of information and books on the various techniques.


Understanding defects, testing and inspection Michael G. Grantham The petrographic examination of concrete and concrete repairs Mike Eden Structural aspects of repair Jonathan G.M. Wood Cathodic protection of structures John P. Broomfield Cathodic protection using thermal sprayed metals John P. Broomfield Service life aspects of cathodic protection of concrete structures Rob B. Polder and Willy H.A. Peelen Instrumentation and monitoring of structures John P. Broomfield Electrochemical chloride extraction Ulrich Schneck Electrochemical realkalisation Michael G. Grantham Corrosion inhibitors Michael G. Grantham European standards for concrete repair Peter Robery Concrete repair - a contractor's perspective John Drewett Sprayed concrete for repairing concrete structures Graham Taylor Durability of concrete repairs G.P. Tilly Service-life modelling for chloride-induced corrosion Rob B. Polder Case studies in the use of FRPs Paul Russell Coatings for concrete Shaun A. Hurley Index


Michael Grantham is a Director of Concrete Solutions and a Consultant to Sandberg LLP.
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